Soul Echo: Discovery

Soul Echo is an idea that I first thought up way back in 2007 after catching an article about overpopulation in a newspaper. This was also the year that I discovered NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I used this idea for it and tried and failed epically because I tried to do it alone. The next year I tried again with a friend and I won for the first time! I now had 50,000 words of Soul Echo to play around with and work on.

What started out as just an idea became a fully fledged obsession and a multi-part series. I spent the next few years plotting and writing, and re-writing it. I wrote it again for NaNoWriMo 2009 and won that year too, and for the first time one of the prizes was a free proof copy of my novel! Hell yeah!

My next project became getting Soul Echo ready for my free proof, which I got through Createspace. So I had to design a cover (I used their default one) and format it. When my book arrived a few weeks later I felt like I’d really achieved something… and promptly started to work on other things, ignoring Soul Echo for the next 7 years.

Now I’m working on it again, spurred on by the encouragement of my best friend who read it and absolutely loved it. I feel like I’m ready now. Mature enough to try and self publish this book (and work on it’s sequel[s]) in a way that 18 year old me wasn’t able to.

So here we go. Hold onto your butts.

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One thought on “Soul Echo: Discovery

  1. Lovely post. It’s seemed to be so hooked on with some old memoired memories of yours. I kinda like how smoothly u have captured things around… in words. Must congratulate u for winning those prices… back in ur gone years. Guess, ur 18 years old self was too very smarter at work than ur prettiest 29 year old self is by now. Both are full of smartness, i guess. Haha! Keep workin on ur “soul echo”. Would like to read it someday. Hopefully. Good luck, Lisa.


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