Supervillain Soulmate – Chapter One

Chapter One of Supervillain Soulmate is available now!


In a city filled with superheroes, there was never a dull moment to be found because where there were heroes, there were inevitably villains. Everyone in Brawn possessed a power to some degree. Those with grandiose powers, or at the very least grandiose egos, took the hero track to join the Saviours. A team of Heroes tasked with keeping peace in the city and protecting the lives of its residents. 

Everyone else? Well they just went about their normal everyday lives. Some used their powers to aid them in their chosen field of work, while others preferred not to use them at all. 

Then there were the villains. Those who chose to revel in chaos, using their powers for evil and disruption. 

Nora, a medical intern, is just hoping to finally meet her soulmate. Not for her world to come crashing down around her. 

You can find the Supervillain Soulmate…

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