VSS365 Week 20

Day 134Summoning his focus, he scanned the #orenda of those gathered in his small town. He knew them by feel and intention, so it wasn't difficult to pick out the intruder in their midst. Their orenda was loud, obnoxious, and exactly what they needed to get out of this alive. Day 135"You're sure they'll pay?" … Continue reading VSS365 Week 20

VSS365 Week 16

Day 106After years of #desolation, she'd grown accustomed to the quiet. She'd made her peace with it, accepted it. Now, as humanity tried to rebuild itself she was forced into a world of constant noise. Eyeing the flickering fire, she wondered if it wasn't too late to go back. Day 107 He'd #arrested three times already, … Continue reading VSS365 Week 16