VSS365 Week 18

Day 120 Memories of Aster ran through his head all day. He typed that number into his phone three times, deleted it three times too. Would she remember him? Want to reconnect? The last time he'd seen her was the weekend of their spring break #alcoholiday before college interfered Day 121 "These Jessop's recruits?" Thawn asked, looking … Continue reading VSS365 Week 18

VSS365 Week 16

Day 106After years of #desolation, she'd grown accustomed to the quiet. She'd made her peace with it, accepted it. Now, as humanity tried to rebuild itself she was forced into a world of constant noise. Eyeing the flickering fire, she wondered if it wasn't too late to go back. Day 107 He'd #arrested three times already, … Continue reading VSS365 Week 16