Project 365 Day 6: Dragon

On the island of Noarth Vale, dragons and humans have coexisted for hundreds of years. So much so that the two species started to combine life spans to live longer and more harmoniously.

Dragon eggs hatch when the Dragonling’s pairbond Human is born. Every egg for the past two hundred years. All except for one.

The petrified egg as it is is known is within he Temple of Scales on display. It has remained unmoved until now. The first fissures of hatching started to appear and every babe on the island was summoned to be tested for the pairmark.

All except for one. One who’s mother died giving birth to her. Who never even had chance to give her a name. One who would have died if not for her pairbond. Discovered by a fisherwoman, she was spirited away to the coast.

Would she ever learn of her bond?

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