Helpful NaNoWriMo Forums

In the final days of #NaNoPrep I thought I’d share some of the NaNo forums I find the most helpful. Whether it’s for procrastination reasons, or research or even novel ideas, there are forums for pretty much everything.

I fully recommend having a nose around them all now, so you don’t need to be rummaging around during November. Unless you’ve hit your word count for the day – in which case, have fun!

Appellation Station
Need a name for something? This is your forum!

A few thread examples:

Describe your character – Get a Name!

Fairy Tale Gangs?

German names in the early 1800’s

Name for a group of female assassins?

NaNo Prep
Everything you might want to know about NaNo Prep, from which software to use, to what to put in a survival kit.

Torn Between Ideas (or Which One Should I Write this Month?)

Writing Buddies: Prep and Planning

Office Supplies Lovers

and so many more you’ll be in there for hours.

All Ages Coffeehouse
A forum for general chit-chat between ALL Wrimo’s.

IINY VII (Is It November Yet?)

Weird things you’ve googled/looked up?

Summarize your novel in the most boring way possible

If you’d rather, you can seek out the forum for people around your own age from this list, here: NaNo Groups. You’ll also find some other groups, such as the NaNo Rebels forum here too!

Adoption Society
Need a character? Looking for a pre-formed plot idea to hammer out during November? This is your place. Similar to the Appellation Station forum, but here people tend to leave a name/idea without any context.

Adopt A Plot

Adopt A Title

Adopt Clever One-Liners

[Drama/ Romcom/ Tearjerker] Adopt a plot as well as the main Adopt a Plot thread, there are genre specific ones for pretty much every genre you can think of.

Helpful Resources and Sites
Anything you might need from:

Tarot for Writers

Useful Photos

Resources for my Writing Notebook

NaNo Artisans
Need a mock book cover? A book aesthetic? Maybe even a desktop wallpaper – there are many talented people in this forum offering up just that! 

Offering Moodboards and Covers

Drawing Characters

Want Calligraphy of your Title?

Word Wars, Prompts, and Sprints.
Exactly what it says on the tin!

(MCU) Avengers Word Crawl (These are themed writing events that guide you through a story. This one, for example, starts off like this: The Tesseract is acting up and Director Nick Fury is on site to assess the situation. Sprint to 500 while he talks to Coulson, Hill, Dr. Selvig, and Barton to find out how bad things are.)

The 2000 Words in An Hour Challenge

5 Minute Word Wars

Genre Lounges
Fancy finding some fellow romance writers and geeking out with them? Want to have a scare-off with other horror writers? Then the Genre Lounges are for you! They have everything from Adventure to ‘None of the Above’. 


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Helpful NaNoWriMo Forums
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