VSS365 Week 34

Day 232
Sometimes I think I’ll #shatter into a million pieces if I never get to see you again. Other times I think I already have, and each passing day adds another line to this fragile facade I’m barely holding together. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m scared you don’t either.

Day 233
The New York City #skyline looms before me as I stand on the roof of the university. I don’t know what drew me up here today, but the telescope is set up and I’m hoping an Anthony will appear soon.
Heading over to the lens, I lean in and take a look.

Day 234
“Did you have to tell him?” Chris hissed as Thomas as they fled the room.
“I couldn’t help it! Something about the guy just makes me want to #confess everything.”
“You’ve got it bad, dude.” She shook her head.
I grin as I listen in from the other side of the door.

Day 235
“They’ve woven quite the #tangled web.” Alastair mused as he watched the monitors. “What are you going to do about it, 307?”
Thomas was glad of the mask hiding his face as he stepped forward, his eyes on his past self’s face on the screen.
“Complete the mission sir.”

Day 236
“Your grasp of the concept is #fragile at best, Al.” Anthony scowled, annoyed at the intrusion. “I’m trying to work, I don’t have time to baby you.”
“Sorry, I forgot the great Anthony Fall doesn’t do collaboration.”
“Bring me something decent and I’ll consider it.”

Day 237
I’ve wanted to see you a #million times but each time I am denied and sent to another place in time. To another you.. My heart and brain fight as they try to reconcile the fact that they are simultaneously Anthony and yet not MY Anthony.
Not you.
I miss you so much.

Day 238
Thomas is out there #somewhere, cast into time because my design wasn’t good enough. Because I wasn’t good enough. I need to fix it. This is all my fault.

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