VSS365 Week 32

Day 218 
Reclined against the cushions, he held a book in one hand & cradled a small, sleeping rabbit in the other. Even though it made it harder to turn the pages.
“Babe, how many times have I told you no bunnies on the sofa?”
#Logic was having a nightmare.” He pouted.

Day 219
“I will train you.”
“Oh my god thank you!”
#iff you give yourself over to the arts fully.”
“But I’d have to leave my family?”
“And come live in the apprentice tower proper? Yes. You’ll see them again someday.”
The ‘if you survive’ hung heavily in the silence between them

Day 220
“Can you warp jump us away from here?” Julian asked, gripping his seat as the ship rocked violently under the barrage of attacks. 
“The navigation system is down, Captain, if we jump somewhere without knowing the #topology we could materialise in the middle of a planet.” 

Day 221
The #manifold was an old earthian design, so Sera had no idea how well it would couple up to her Mount, but they were so similar in shape and she hadn’t been able to find anything else even close in comparison. She had to try. She had to help with the war effort.

Day 222
As they approached the #Torus space station, Ailish could see why it was more commonly known as the Halo. To her it looked more like a doughnut. But maybe that was because she’d skipped breakfast.

Day 223
Having docked, Ailish had headed straight for her favourite place on the whole of Torus. The #genus pool. It was the waterpark in this galaxy, and people travelled for lightyears to get there. Her father had taken her every time they docked. Before the war claimed him 

Day 224
#Vector sat on the roof, nestled in a blanket in between two solar panels. Tonight the stars above seemed especially bright, and there was meant to be a convoy of ships passing overhead in an hour. Vector’s brother was serving on one, so he planned to salute it’s passing.


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