NaNoWriMo Tracker

Every year, I make a NaNoWriMo tracker in my bullet journal to track a things such as the official word count vs my own word count, any progress I make through writing sprints, and a way of checking off each 1000 words written.

All of these things are also trackable on the nano website, but there’s something about checking it off on paper that’s just so satisfying.

This year I’ve also added a NaNo twist on a mood tracker. Every segment of the cactus and it’s pot will be coloured according to whether I wrote less than 1000 words, between 1000 & 1999 words or over 2000 words. It’ll be interesting to see which colour is the most prevalent at the end of the month! Something tells me it’ll be the middle colour!

Do you make a NaNo Bullet Journal? If so – what kind of things do you track?

Feel free to use any of the elements I’ve implemented here! I got the idea for the cactus tracker from Pinterest! If you do use any, I’d love to see them!


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