Patreon vs Ko-fi

I’ve had a Patreon account for a while now, but it hasn’t really taken off. I don’t know whether this is because I simply don’t have the time to promote it as much as I should, because I haven’t released any books yet or if I’m just being impatient, but recently I heard about another website called Ko-fi.

Ko-fi is similar in that you can support creators that you like by buying them a coffee, which equates to £3/$3 or whatever your preferred currency is. Unlike Patreon, Ko-fi is one off (tip jar style) payments. There is no subscription, which I think sometimes puts people off Patreon. (not to mention the whole pay me to unlock my content thing which I know a few people have mentioned to me)

For this reason, I’ve decided to try both platforms and see which one works better for me. It could be both. It could be neither, but it’s impossible to know unless you try, right?

Here are my links:

Do you use either of these? What are your thoughts?

Buy Me a Coffee at

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