December Update

Where the hell has the rest of the year gone? HONESTLY. I feel like it should be May at the latest. Urgh. Christmas songs have already been on the radio for a week and people have started putting up their trees. I feel like I’m living in Whooville or something and this year I’m the Grinch. Anyway.

NaNoWriMo is over. My official word count at the end of it all was 20,450 words. I didn’t even get half way and that’s ok. I quit and that’s ok. I have 20,450 words of a first draft of a manuscript that I didn’t have before November and that’s great!

Now that November is over I’m throwing my all back into Soul Echo: Discovery to finish up the edits and get it ready for publishing in January through kindle direct publishing using my own imprint Buck&Gale Press, but I also want to have it ready for Paperback as well! (This means I need to make a paperback cover.. I have a bit to do..)

If I did this, and managed to get hold of some copies, would anyone be interested in buying a signed paperback copy of Soul Echo?

lemme know


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