Project 365: 2018



*What is a Project 365? 

A project where you aim to do something every day for a whole year. You may have also seen it called ‘A Picture A Day’ or something similar. It started out life (I believe) as just a picture challenge, to help you improve your photography skills, but people do all sorts of different 365 projects.

Vlogs, blogs, crafts, you can pretty much do whatever you like.

*My 365 Project

For 2017 I did a Photography 365 and aimed to post one photo every day on my Instagram page. For the most part I’ve managed, but there are definitely a few days where I forgot to post, or didn’t have anything to post. I’ll do a separate post about that, though!

This year, I found a journal in Sainsbury’s that is perfect to do a writing project! So for 2018, I’m going to tackle one prompt a day and write it in the journal. I’m not sure how best to share them just yet – maybe I’ll take a picture of the page and share it on WordPress/Twitter/Instagram?

Also! If you’d like to choose a date and give me a prompt, I will dedicate that day’s entry to you when I post it! Just keep them relatively short, because the journal is only A5 and I can only write so much!



as usual, if you’d like to support me in my writing endeavour you can do so at either or

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