Project 365, Day 1 – Wolfman


The full moon was rising in the sky and John was excited for the night ahead. Fetting away from his humdrum human life and into the freedom of the woods. It was the only time he felt truly alive.

Something was wrong, however, and it had taken him a while to figure out what it was and now that he had, he was scared.

He couldn’t feel the change.

Usually by now he could feel it running beneath his skin like electricity. His senses would start to heighten, hearing first followed by smell and finally eyesight. But not tonight. As the clock grew ever closer to nine pm, the time he would usually undergo the change and race off into the night, but still nothing was happening.

John grew increasingly agitated, pacing the room, trying to force the change and only succeeding in giving himself a headache. There wasn’t even anyone he could go to for advice. It wasn’t as if he was part of a pack. He’d had the chance once but he’d turned her down. Perhaps this was his punishment. Maybe a lone wolf could not exist forever. Was this why they formed packs? To keep the magic flowing in their veins?

Tomorrow he was going to track down that pack that had once tried to recruit him. Tonight, though, he would bask in the moonlight and pray for it to take effect.

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