#Project365 Day9: Truth is Power

Truth is Power Guess what I was watching when I wrote this #GoldenGlobes2018

Tia sat in front of the television, her dark skin rippled with goosebumps as she listened to Oprah’s speech.

“A new day is on the horizon, and when that day dawns…”

“Tia, turn that down please!” her father called from the other room where he was watching football on a tiny television so his little girl could watch her idols.

“Sorry Papa!” She called back and turned the volume down, scooting closer to the tv so she could still hear it. Time’s up. It was a rallying cry. A call to arms. It resonated within Tia so loud.

The next day at school everyone seemed to have come in with the same attitude. The boys weren’t cat-calling for fear of being torn to shreds and the girls had come to school in whatever the hell they wanted without fear of reprimand.

It was a new world. Peaceful. Harmonious. And it lasted till lunch.

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