Project 365 Day 10: missed connections

“Alright, the scene is set. Let’s hope today is the day. T-minus ninety seconds till connection occurs.” The room erupted into motion as everyone scrambled to get to a monitor to watch. Harold was going through the crowd taking bets on whether it would succeed or fail. In office MMCCXLIX of the Fates Department, the team had been working on this particular match for the past fifteen years.

It was a tricky business in the Fates Department because as much as they lined up scenarios, humans ultimately did as they pleased.

“Chantel has entered the park!” A red dot appeared on the left of the map, tracking the movements of the woman being shown on the view-screen.

“Keith should be here in three… two… one.” A blue dot appeared on the other side of the park and a wave of excitement rushed through the cluster of ‘Arrangers’. Would today be the day?

The dots grew closer and closer and James found himself holding his breath, his fingernails biting into his palms. This had to be the day. It had to!

Chantel’s phone rang on schedule and the dark-haired woman stopped to take her phone out of her bag. Keith was approaching her, sipping his coffee, Any second now, a golden lab was going to bound over to him and push him into Chantel. Any second now.

“WHERE’S THE DOG?” They cried as the computer announced *CONNECTION MISSED*. 

“Alright people, let’s try again for tomorrow.”

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