The end of Week 3 – NaNoWriMo

It’s the final countdown! 

We’re about to enter the final week of November and more importantly – NaNoWriMo. This week we should* be entering the realm of the 40k. 

*I say should because that only applies if you’ve chosen/managed to stick to the 1667 words a day rule of thumb. Not everyone does, some people can write 5k in a day and finish early, while others choose a smaller overall target such as 25k. Whatever your goal is, whether you achieve it or not, you’ve done amazing just by getting words down on paper/page. 

So last time I gave you a word count rundown, I left it at Day 11. 

Let’s pick it up again at day 12: 

Day 12
Word count goal: 20000
Words written today: 5313
Total Word Count: 22170 

Day 13
Word count goal: 21667
Words written today: 112
Total Word Count: 22282

Day 14
Word count goal: 23334
Words written today: 1536
Total Word Count: 23818

Day 15
Word count goal: 25000
Words written today: 1199
Total Word Count: 25017

Day 16
Word count goal: 26667
Words written today: 715
Total Word Count: 25732

Day 17
Word count goal: 28334
Words written today: 68
Total Word Count: 25800

Day 18
Word count goal: 30000
Words written today: 862
Total Word Count: 26662

Day 19
Word count goal: 31667
Words written today: 4159
Total Word Count: 30821

Day 20
Word count goal: 33334
Words written today: 79
Total Word Count: 30900

Day 21
Word count goal: 35000
Words written today: 1614
Total Word Count: 32514

Day 22
Word count goal: 36667
Words written today: 1553
Total Word Count: 34067

Day 23
Word count goal: 38334
Words written today: 1125
Total Word Count: 35192

Day 24
Word count goal: 40000
Words written today: 1212
Total Word Count: 36404

As you can see I’ve had periods of staying on track, being ahead and lagging behind, but i’m still just tapping away at it. Definitely aiming to hit 50k, but it’s gonna be a fight to the finish for sure. if I can catch up to 40k today then I think I’ll have a better chance of staying on track for the rest of the week. 

How are you getting on? 

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