Boldly going and going and going


It’s now the 11th of November so I thought I’d do another quick word count update since my last one only took us up to Day 4 and 7740 words!

Day 5
Word count goal: 8334
Words written today: 1620
Total Word Count: 10003

Currently 1 day ahead of target 🙂

Day 6
Word count goal: 10000
Words written today: 44
Total Word Count: 10047

Worst day so far for productivity. Cat made a mess I had to clean up, Husband was feeling unwell and needed looking after. Still on target because I was ahead yesterday.

Day 7
Word count goal: 11667
Words written today: 205
Total Word Count: 10252

Slightly better than yesterday, but my cold is back with a vengeance so I chose to rest instead of battle through.

Day 8
Word count goal: 13334
Words written today: 1084
Total Word Count: 11336

Still behind but not stressing about it, slowly getting back on track.

Day 9
Word count goal: 15000
Words written today: 3178
Total Word Count: 14514

Did some word sprints this morning to help catch up:

#1 15min 315 words
#2 1k30 1054 words
#3 1k30 1297 words

2666 of today’s words came from NaNo Sprints, 512 from other writing.
note to self – sprints are helpful!

Day 10
Word count goal: 16667
Words written today: 2145
Total Word Count: 16659

Heading to see my parents today, so wanted to get some words in before I went. Now looking at it, I’m annoyed that I was 8 words away from wordcount! Urgh.

Did some sprints this morning, which totalled for all of today’s words written:

#1 1k30 1125 words
#2 10min 369 words
#3 20min 651 words

Day 11
Word count goal: 18334
Words written today:
Total Word Count: 16893 at time of posting.

Not holding out hope on meeting the word count today, spent a lot of the day travelling and then also had to catch up on some housework. I have tomorrow off, so i’ll try and catch up then.

How are you getting on?

Lisa xo

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