vss365 week 2

I know it seems like I just posted week one yesterday. I did. But I only decided yesterday that I was going to post these weekly wrap-ups so you’ll have to forgive me this once.

Day 8: Slide
The #slide seemed as tall as a mountain but she climbed it rung by rung. At last she reached the top and surveyed the kingdom of the play park stretching around her as far as the eye could see.

Day 9: Cake
Her eyes opened wide as she took it all in. #Cake after cake of C4 lined the foundations of the bridge. Thanks to the anonymous tip maybe they could get it deactivated quick. In the back of her mind she couldn’t help but worry it was a trap. And she’d just walked into it.

Day 10: Chef
The President was dying, turning blue after taking a bite of lunch. Leaving her to the doctors, her bodyguard headed for the kitchen. #Chef lay slumped in the corner. Chef’s whites stained red. A curtain fluttered in the breeze of a window that shouldn’t have been open.

Day 11: Pose 
Her #pose was killer, and so was her aim. She’d never had any complaints. Dead men couldn’t talk, after all.

Day 12: Smile 
Raleigh forced a #smile, gritting her teeth behind painted lips. Silently, she seethed and vowed her revenge. Never again would she allow someone to treat her as an object for show. John’s hand pressed heavily against the small of her back and she longed to break it.

Day 13: Teach
Anora scrutinised the meagre group assembled before her. Scrawny, downtrodden, defeated. These were the girls she was to #teach to fight? She imagined the senior trainers laughing behind her back, but she’d show them.
“On your feet.” She ordered. “Training starts now.”

Day 14
“You #drive me crazy.” He pawed at her. She could hear the passion in his voice, but unfortunately for him, she knew about his dalliance. “What about Simone?” She asked. “She means nothing to me.” He pleaded. Not even denying it. She walked away, leaving him to droop.

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