Vss365 Week 3

Day 15
Rat had been right about the light and she was glad for the black-out goggles. Until now her world had been lit only by lantern flame, but as she pulled herself from the hole in the earth and onto the #grass, she entered a world of glorious sunlight.

Day 16
She stood in front of the teacher, arms crossed. “Do you know why you’re here?” He asked. “Because I gave Kayden Wilson a black eye.” “And why did you do that?” “He was being a jerk.” “So you punched him?” “Well I asked him not to #push me again, first.”

Day 17
She gaped at the #spread before her. It was more food than she had ever seen in her life and these people were barely even picking at it. How much of it was going to go to waste? If only this stupid dress had pockets, she’d eat like a queen for a month.

Day 18
They say legends never die, but the whole world had just watched Heroic do just that. Finally defeated by Crane. He looked so small and frail as the camera panned in on him. Who was the world going to #lean on now? Neve watched through her tears. It was her turn.

Day 19
“Let’s go to the #beach!” Cam exclaimed, wrapping her arms around Ethan’s shoulders as she came up behind him in the chair. “Right now?” He asked. “Isn’t it a two hour drive?” “Yeah, so? It’s not like we have any other plans, is it?”

Day 20
She’d been following the #horse for days through the forest, only ever catching a glimpse of a of hind leg tail before the creature sped off again. Now she was coming up on a glade where the horse was caught in a snare. Only it wasn’t a horse at all. She was a centaur.

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