VSS365 Week 7

Day 42 (snuck in from week 6 because it’s the only one I completed that week…. shh don’t tell)
She’d been trapped outside her own house in the rain for so long now she was lucky she didn’t already have pneumonia. As she paced back and forth, she tripped on a rock and looked down. In a complete #facepalm moment she remembered Gran kept a key under one of them.

Day 43
After years of hard travelling to get back home she was close enough to glimpse it. But, as it came into view, what greeted her wasn’t the outline of the castle as she remembered it. Instead, a #munted horror. Towers gone. Walls crumbling. Smoke trailing slowly skyward.

Day 44
The #downlight, if you were caught in it gave the distinct impression you were undergoing interrogation. “Just who did eat the last Jaffa Cake?” My wife asked, looming in the darkness just beyond the harsh beam. Shit.

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