VSS365 Week 8

Day 51
The court was in chaos, there was an intruder on the grounds and most of the guard was with the King on his annual hunt. The temp Queen’s guard had been taken ill. She suspected him of #malinger and treachery. She grabbed a sword. She’d damn well protect herself.

Day 52
I was summoned home at the #behest of my father’s will. Expecting nothing, I was surprised when I found he’d left me the library and everything contained within it. It wasn’t until six months later that I found the secret door and found out just how much he’d left me.

Day 53
She’d found the secret door quite by accident. A brass #teardrop handle hidden within the design of a lampshade she’d been polishing. What on earth had her father been into? A cold shiver swept down her spine, from the thrill of discovery or the rush of air from within?

Day 54
Stella poked her head out of the carriage to see what was happening.
“Why have we stopped?”
“Horse is #lame, he’s thrown a shoe M’lady.”
“Well don’t we have spares?”
“Yes M’lady but none of us farriers. I’ve sent boy t’town.”
“Oh for heaven’s sake, I’ll do it myself.”

Day 55
She peered at him over the top of her book as he clanged his way into the library, throwing the doors open wide.
“A gift for you.” He declared, holding out a box and a dozen tulips. She came from a #humble background, and his gifts made her blush. Something he knew & played on.

Day 56
#Yesterday life’d been simple. I was heir to a fishing vessel & the crew was my family. Today, going back to the island of my birth had changed that. I stared down the growling dragon before me, wishing for yesterday so bad. No girl wants to be eaten on their birthday.

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