VSS365 Week 9

Day 58
The #Celebration couldn’t have come at a better time. The stars were in alignment, and the potion ready. She would have her revenge before the second moon rose, and with it, her power.

Day 59
The tournament to find the next #champion was accepting bids. My whole life I’d dreamt of entering, and now I was old enough nothing was going to stop me. I gave my fee and scowled as they laughed.
“No woman has ever been champion.”
“Until now.” I stood my ground.

Day 60
Now was her chance to #escape, everyone else was distracted by the attacks. All she had to do was slip the chain off her ankle and she could run. The guard hadn’t even noticed the soap she’d slipped down the back of her stocking when he’d tied her up this morning. Idiot.

Day 61
None of them wanted to #listen to the warnings of a chambermaid. They’d written her off as mad and banned her from the Queen’s chambers. Now what she’d warned of had come to pass and they wanted answers. Now she had to prove her innocence or burn.

Day 62
I’d always wanted to go to the #Orient. I just never realised it’d be in a cage on the back of a poacher’s truck. I wasn’t the only ‘beast’ he was hoping to sell, either. The metal was too strong for me to break. If only I’d learnt how to breathe fire already.

Day 63
To get off this truck, we were going to have to #improvise. Unfortunately none of them knew French and my broken English wasn’t much better. “Can you..” I searched for the words, “Respirer le feu? Fire breath?” I asked the dragon shifter next to me. He was out cold.

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