VSS365 Week 10

Day 64
“You’re a werewolf?” The man behind the bar sneered. He stank of magic but I hadn’t  called him out on it.
“We prefer the term shifter, actually.” I told him, though it fell on deaf ears, manners were something he chose to #overlook, along with cleanliness, it seemed.

Day 65
Their blood calls to me like #syrup. Sticky and sweet. Makes my fangs ache and my mouth water. Living life on the fringe sucks, but it’s that or meet the wrong end of a pointy stick so I behave. For the most part.
“Hey baby you lost?” They always ask me.

Day 66
“Get back here, you #belong to me!” He shouted after me.
“I belong to no man!” I turned, seething. Pulling his ring from my finger, I launched it at him. “And I will marry no man who thinks otherwise!” It showed how much he truly cared that he dove after the ring not me

Day 67
#She sank into the Captain’s chair, surveying the Bridge and all under her command.
“Take her away, Number One.” She ordered.
“How the hell did I get roped into this?”
“No complaining, Number one, or I’ll make you a red shirt.”
Best. Honeymoon. Ever.

Day 68
He was the #epitome of every evil thing in this world, yet she was drawn to him. A part of her wanted to believe it was his lean physique, and those eyes the colour of the sea at night. Deep down she knew it was his power she was drawn to. Power she wished to claim.

Day 69
He was my everything. A vivid tapestry full of emotion and history. To him, I was nothing more than a #dot of ink on a scroll full of names.

Day 70
“We have to be #quick!” He pulled her along the corridor.
“What’s going on?” She shouted over the alarm.
“The facility’s going into lock down, if we don’t get out now we’ll be trapped in here for 72 hours.”
She pulled her wrist free and sped off. “Come on then!”

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