VSS365 Week 11

Day 71
She didn’t have a map, she had a #sketch of a segment of a map that supposedly led to treasure when all pieces were combined. The coordinates of the next part were in her possession, but getting to it wouldn’t be easy. She was going to need some help.

Day 72
The #approach to the building was happening in slow motion. She was fitted with a bomb disposal suit and led in. She was’t a bomb expert by any means, but this one literally had her name on it. Katie Slayer. Sharpied on duct tape covering a guy’s mouth.

Day 73
Tamara tapped her #pocket in annoyance. “Could you stay still?” She hissed.
“I can hardly breathe in here!”
“You’re going to get us caught!”
“Why couldn’t I have gone under your hat?”
“It’s too late for that now! I’m almost at the lab, now be quiet someone’s coming!”

Day 76
She looked up at the statue in #awe.
“What’s the inscription say?”
The guide turned to her and raised an eyebrow. “There is no inscription.” He told her quite firmly.
So then why the hell could she see one? And why were the letters starting to glow faintly as she neared?

Day 77
She looked down at her phone. A series of #cryptic messages were there that hadn’t been there before.
“Shit, how drunk did I get?” She groaned, texting an apology to her friend before flopping back against the pillows.

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