VSS365 Week 16

Day 106
“You can only try to save him so many times.”
“The spell has a limit?”
“No, but you’ll forget which reality is real, lose all sense of time.”
With a shrug she stepped into the time #void. “I’ll go as many times as it takes, Luther.” And then she was gone. Again.

Day 107
Luther had been right, the after effects of the time void were leaving a #veneer of confusion in her mind.
She’d gone back so many times and seen Jonas dead in so many different ways.
As she stood over his dead body again, she vowed to only go back once more.

Day 108
Jonas’ gaze was full of #venom as he took his usual defensive stance. My heart soared to see him alive, but in this reality I was the villain. His nemesis. Any love he’d had for me had been erased by my meddling. Now there was only hate. My heart hurt. But he was alive.

Day 109
She wasn’t ready for this fight, knowing Jonas was alive was enough for now so she fled.
As soon as she opened Luther’s door he asked, “Are you happy now?”
“Are those #vegan?” She changed the subject, gesturing to his lunch.
“You shouldn’t go back again.”
“I know.”

Day 110
“Is there any way to lift the #veil & have him remember?” She asked.
“This Jonas never knew you that way.” Luther told her gravely. “Your Jonas is dead and trying to bring him here would replace the living with the deceased, as you have replaced the Sally of this time.”

Day 111
Luther’s words settled like a #vice around her heart.
“I can’t go back again.” She whispered. All those deaths would haunt her forever as it was. no need to add more.
“How come you remember me?” She asked.
“As Master of the Time Void it is my blessing and curse.”

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