VSS365 Week 15

Day 99
She was a #veteran of the dark arts & known across the land. Many sought her tutelage, but she refused, seeing only greed in their hearts. That was, until Mortimer showed up at her door with an injured raven and begged her to save it.
“You shall save it. I will teach you.”

Day 100
She dreamed of the most #vivid colours all around her. In people’s eyes, adorning their hair, even on their nails but nothing compared to the beauty of nature in full spectrum. Waking up was hard to do, when everything was in greyscale. Colour was reserved for the rich.

Day 101
The words spewed forth like #vomit and I found myself unable to stop despite the fact that my cheeks could probably be seen from space by now.
“Are you done?” She finally interjected.

Day 105
Her predecessor had died a hero, but as she stood over his murder’s corpse, she realised that she had become the #villain and there was no coming back from that. Or was there? Luckily she knew a wizard with a penchant for time spells. She could just go back, again.

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