VSS365 Week 18

Day 120
She wasn’t the first to #vanish on me, and she wouldn’t be the last. Some souls just weren’t as strong as others and dissipated as I consumed them, leaving me hollow and unsatisfied.

Day 121
The #Cadence of her voice was hypnotic, like the rest of her kind. Except for when she had a sinus infection. Then she sounded like The Rock doing karaoke. Not cool.

Day 122
The #effervescence of her potion tickled her nose as she bought it to her lips to drink. If she’d brewed it properly. it’d give her luxurious hair and get rid of her split ends She took a mouthful and gagged, if only it didn’t taste like rotten turnips.

Day 123
Her parents had named her #Demure, hoping to instill those ‘values’ into their only daughter. With three older brothers, naturally she had been the opposite and was as much of a mud-slinging, foul-mouthed hooligan as they were.

Day 124
His powers were out of control and she was the only one who could reach him, who could get close without being torn to shreds. Stepping into the #maelstrom she made her move, pushing forwards until fingertips met temple and he crumpled to the ground in a deep sleep.

Day 125
Once a year she allowed herself a day to #reminisce. To mourn what her life could have been. Adventurous, romantic, fun. The other four thousand, two hundred and ninety nine days, she was the Queen Supreme. Her feelings did not count, only her strength, honor and wisdom did.

Day 126
She was a #waif of a girl, but that’s why they kept her around. She fit though windows and between bars. Her footsteps were light as a feather and her fingers quick as snakes. Otherwise she’d be thrown out for the dogs to pick their teeth with. Everyone had to have a use.

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