VSS365 Week 19

Day 127
The souls she consumed were #ephemeral, and the older she grew the more souls it took to satiate her. Today, an entire village. Next week, who knew. It thrilled and terrified her in equal measure.

Day 128
“But I #love you!” He shouted after my retreating form. I didn’t pause. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing how completely and utterly his ‘love’ had destroyed me.
Never again.

Day 129
The #zenith of my power approached. All I had to do was go and soak up the power of the full moon.
“Godamnit, who keeps locking the patio doors?!”

Day 130
The first time it happened, it felt so #surreal. I mean, how would you react to suddenly being inside someone else’s body? Your consciousness riding beside theirs? At first I couldn’t control it, but since the accident I’ve been doing it more. Pretending I’m walking.

Day 131
The night called to her, an #aphotic temptress she couldn’t deny. And one she didn’t want to resist.

Day 132
The last thing they saw before their consumption was her #beatific smile. Its allure hid a multitude of sins, and rows of razor sharp teeth. She may have lost her voice, but this Siren had found other ways to charm men into bed.

Day 133
His eyes were #Azure stained with ink. James wanted to study them longer, but Peter was being called away by his friends.
“I’ll have another two beers and a sambuca.” Peter smiled as he turned back to the bar.
“Coming right up.” James fawned, taking his time.

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