VSS365 Week 21

Day 141
The wind swept lazily through the valley leaving a chorus of #susurrus in its wake. The only evidence of its passing. There was no one about to hear the day’s melody. Or do it thought. Down by the lake small hands chased dancing leaves on bare, unsteady feet.

Day 142
#Frisson ricochets down my spine as I see him walking over to meet me. Everything about him screams hunter, from his gait to the look in his eyes. And I his willing prey.

Day 143
Her touch was like #Gossamer down my spine. It sent a thrill running through me, I wanted more. As I turned to face her she dissolved into mist once more leaving me needy and alone.

Day 144
“You’re #Vile, and cruel.” She spat. “Get away from me.”
He approached her retreating form, blood dripping from his fingertips to the floor leaving a morbid trail.
“You knew this before you begged for me to turn you.” He purred. “And here you still are.”

Day 145
She lay in the #verdant meadow for a moment, tempted to just give in and let the tears wash over her. But she blinked them away, refusing to give him that power over her. He’d left, and she wasn’t going to sit around and mope. Screw him.

Day 146
She felt her #Breath being pulled from her lungs with each step he took to reach her. They burned with a fire that threatened to consume her entirely. As he leant in to claim her lips, she prayed to get her breath back in a kiss, but this man was death & her time was up.

Day 147
He sank into the blissful #Silence of the pod and let it rejuvenate him. All the aches and pains seeped from his body. Whether pulled away by the water or dulled with analgesics, he didn’t know. Only that the pod made everything better.

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