VSS365 Week 22

Day 148
“Do you #regret your decision?”
She turned away from the flaming embers of the home she’d grown up in. “Not at all.” She assured him. But on the inside her heart ached knowing that three centuries of memories had literally gone up in smoke. “It had to be done.”

Day 149
Aisha smiled as the Unity soard past the belt. “Lookin’ good #Orion.” She greeted it as always, with a two finger salute. It had become a lucky ritual. Ok more of a ritual because they’d suffered in the luck department lately.
“Guys, we’re here.” She radioed.

Day 150
“Edyta, can you #patch me through?”
“I’ll try, lines are shot. Might not work.”
“We have to warn them, they’re walking into a trap.”
“I’ll do my best.”
Liza watched as her technician fiddled with the radio. It squeaked and whined under her ministrations.
“Try now.”

Day 151
Thunderclaps broke her from her #reverie like a slap to the face and she stumbled away from the window. Memories rushed to the surface unbidden in a torrent matching the rain outside for intensity. The last storm she’d been in, she’d lost him. Her reason for being.

Day 152
He stirred, limbs stiff from a millennia of stillness. The #ancient bonds that held him fell either side of his prone form, severed from above. Someone had made a grave mistake in unleashing him, and theirs would be the first life-force to aid in his rejuvenation.

Day 153
She dragged his unconscious body towards the #crucible. It was a relic, and the only way to properly get rid of him. She had to move quickly though, because if he roused before the dragon fire was lit beneath him, it would all be over.

Day 154
There’s a #willow tree by the creek at the end of the garden. The dead dance between its graceful strands, fingers waiting to reach through and grab at wrists and ankles. Their voices carry on the wind, soft and alluring like the rustle of leaves.
“Come play with us.”

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