VSS365 Week 25

Day 170
Every Day she passed by the #bistro on the corner, never once realising her soulmate was inside sipping a latte. They watched, though, as she passed each day arm in arm with her latest fling, their heart aching that little bit more at their apparent incompatibility.

Day 171
They longed for a soft #embrace. An end to the loneliness that gnawed away at their insides while they sat in their one bed flat eating pizza. It was hard being different. Sometimes they felt as though they were sat behind a two way mirror simply observing, not living.

Day 172
Everywhere he looked there were murals and memorials for #iron man. Peter couldn’t take it. Couldn’t breathe. Didn’t want to see that mask any more. The city was grieving but they didn’t know what real grief was. They’d lost a symbol, he’d lost so much more than that.

Day 173
His back was a myriad of #scars. A tapestry warning others that crime carried punishment and rules weren’t meant to be broken. It was weeks before he could even wear a shirt to cover them up, making sure the whole village knew to avoid him.

Day 174
The #mood in the room turned sour as they discussed the recent influx of ghouls.
“It was only a matter of time, with the growing population of vampires. We were lucky to escape the blight this long.”
“But what do we do?”
“Make them clean up their own bloody mess for once.”

Day 175
“That was absolutely #cosmic!” He beamed.
His sister rolled her eyes and aimed a kick his way. “Stop trying to make cosmic happen, dork.”
He dodged out of the way of her foot and stuck his tongue out at her. “It’ll catch on, just you wait.”

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