VSS365 Week 26

Day 176
Heavy rain fell in sheets of #silver that obscured the rest of the world from view. She took this as a sign to wrap herself up in her duvet and pretend the rest of the world didn’t exist.

Day 177
She knew the #mythos inside out, they all did. So when the Changes started happening to her, she knew she had to hide them. All her life she’d been told the Change was bad, to fear it. But it felt food, powerful and she wasn’t going to let them vivisect her for science.

Day 178
She once had #fortune read by a psychic at a fair. The woman had poured over her crystal ball for a long time before coming up with anything, she’d written it off as a reach.
Until now.

Day 179
The day he died, she felt it. The familiar feeling of spell activation washed over her and with wide eyes she grasped for her necklace. A #braid of gold links tightened like an ornate noose. It resisted her attempts to remove it, the clasp vanishing entirely.

Day 180
They sold #equanimity in injections nowadays. People diagnosed with rage were prescribed a short course as a precursor to more severe treatments. As she thought of a fifth day in a row of her screaming toddler not sleeping, she slammed the money down on the counter.

Day 181
“I took the #liberty of booking us a table at that Korean place you love.” Eric announced one morning over breakfast.
“You did?” Peter beamed
“Saturday the 5th at 7.”
“It’s a date.”
Little did they know, neither of them would make that date for a very long time.

Day 182
After a freak accident had separated them through time and space, Anthony and Ben had been trying to get back to each other. Time travel was a little… difficult to master. They kept missing each other and leaving notes in the hopes of making contact.

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