VSS365 Week 29

Day 197
Everything I had ever read about time travel said that you had to be an impartial observer, a #fly on the wall. But seeing my past self fail at even saying three words to Anthony, I knew I had to step in. After all, hadn’t I done it before?

Day 198
The odds never seem to #stack in my favour, and every time I try to program the ring it feels like i’m giving over to chance. Maybe this time I’ll end up near my lab and I can try to fix this. I Can only hope.

Day 199
My Anthony is always #elsewhere. Before this, he was elsewhere within his own mind, always thinking about a million projects. Now he’s literally elsewhere and I can only find these other versions of him. Sometimes it feels like I’m being punished for causing the accident.

Day 200
I cursed myself for my #folly. I should never have let Thomas try on the TimeRing in the first place. If I hadn’t been so excited then maybe I would’ve seen how bad an idea it was. Just me getting lost in time was probably inevitable at that point, but to lose Thomas…

Day 201
“Come on, share the #joke.” I looked up from my phone and realised my friends were sniggering together. I never found out what was funny because their faces dropped and they fell silent as Anthony approached our table and dropped down beside me.
“Tim.” He smirked. More laughing.

Day 202
Sometimes in a new place i think about my phone. If i called you, would you #answer or would he? Would my phone even work? Today I try, and it goes to voicemail. Of course it does. I don’t realise i’m crying until I can’t breathe. The sound of your voice all consuming.

Day 203
Thomas had been through #hell the last couple of days with finals and assignments and all he wanted to do was go home and sleep. He couldn’t help but smile. however, when he opened the front door and smelled dinner.
“Honey, I’m home!” He called into the apartment.

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