VSS365 Week 28

Day 190
He was starting to phase out, he could feel it. It started as a tingle on his scalp and spread. As Thomas looked around one last time, he spotted his journal. Shit! It was #precious & irreplaceable. He lurched for it just as his fingers started to dematerialise…

Day 191
Thomas hadn’t found the Anthony of this When yet. If he didn’t it would be the first time in his travels. He’d materialised on a street where a truck had just pulled up with a U-haul. A #boy shot out of the passenger seat. Warm skin & chaotic hair – it could only be him.

Day 192
It was like a #torrent of emotions his him all at once. They’d been close. So close to finding each other. Thomas was already crying as he materialised on the other side. The Anthony of that When somehow right there ready to greet him with open arms as if he knew.

Day 193
No matter how many Thomas’ he met or where they were from, none of them would let Anthony look at their journal. He’d give anything to #delve into those pages and read, to learn everything each Thomas had learned, but they denied him without fail.

Day 194
Anthony had gained a bit of a #reputation within the faculty for being particular about his projects. He could tell if someone had been in his lab and moved something, so people had stopped visiting. Until he met Thomas. he was the only one who got away with touching things

Day 195
Dear Anthony,
In the #unlikely event that you ever read this, I want you to know that I love you. I miss you. All of you, even your annoying habits, but most of all your presence. Waking up in the morning with your familiar weight at my back. Your warmth. I love…

Day 196
For the first time Anthony hadn’t been able to find Thomas in this When. He was in the future, he knew that much. In spring, when the greenery was most #verdant. Being a nice enough day, he decided to sit and wait a while to see if Tom would come to him.

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