VSS365 Week 31

Day 211
Anthony was hurt and it didn’t matter that he wasn’t mine. I darted to his side but he cupped my face and told me to run.
“No, you need help. You’re bleeding.”

Day 212
#Jupiter shone brightly overhead. To most it would look like just another star, but Anthony had pointed it out to me. As I leaned against him and pulled the blanket closer I realised just how I loved him. And how easily his voice could send me off to sleep.

Day 213
I next saw him at #Empress, my favourite Chinese place downtown. I watched him laughing with friends at a table as I stood waiting for my order to go. His phone number still fresh in my mind, I contemplated using it. As if he’d heard my thought, he looked directly at me.

Day 214
Thomas is like a #wildfire. Not in a destructive way, but a chaotic one. He challenges my sense of order. He consumes me with heat and pulls my focus. It’s dangerous being so close to him yet he commands my focus. I am drawn to his flame and eager to be burned.

Day 215
My heart hammered in my chest as Thomas pulled me into an alley, a shot hitting the bricks just next to my head. I’d never been much good with #emotion but right now I was full of it.
“What was that?”
“A Warden,” Thom told me, not slowing. “You have to go, NOW.”

Day 216
The look he gives me is different to the one I saw in my office when he came back to give me his number. All of that confidence #evaporated. A moment later his friends turn to look at me & I hold their stare for a moment before pulling out my phone. Maybe I will text him.

Day 217
He lets me watch him working as long as I promise not to type too loud on my laptop or ask any dumb questions. It’s fascinating. He isn’t in it for the #Glory, as much as he pretends otherwise. He genuinely wanted to help people. I love that about him.

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