VSS365 Week 32

Day 218
The #peaks of Olomana were visible in the early morning light. A dazzling jade green against the backdrop of the palest sky blue with a dusting of cloud dancing around the tips. I was back in Hawaii, which told me exactly When I was. Today was not a good day.

Day 219
Like a #vermilion ink spill, his blood soaked into the white fabric of his shirt making the wound look so much worse than it was. Not that I had time to check because he was already phasing out. I just had to pray someone would be there to help him.

Day 220
This had been my only visit to Hawaii and I wish it had been for a vacation instead. I think of the #shell on the bookshelf back home. Tomorrow Anthony will find it on the beach and offer it to me. I just hope one day we can come back together.

Day 221
We dashed through the rain like a pair of #renegades on the run, it poured down hard and fast, soaking Anthony’s shirt enough that I could make out his tattoos. We’d been out for dinner in Time Square, and had chanced walking back instead of jumping in a cab. Mistake.

Day 222
Anthony had always been a #stubborn ass. Sometimes we butt heads over it, and sometimes I let him get his own way. Tonight I haven’t decided which it’s going to be. That is, until his fingers creep across my thigh and my resolve crumbles to dust. Argument, what argument?

Day 223

The #explosion shook my lab, knocking every magnet off my AC. Before I could work out where it had come from, Thomas started to freak out. 
“Anthony what’s happening?! He was looking down at his hands. I could see it too, like he was pixelating. And then he was gone.

Day 224
I lean back against his chest, pulling his arms around me as the thunderstorm plays a #Symphony for us in the sky. The rain is coming down in sheets, and with the sounds of NYC blocked out, we could be the only two people in the world.

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