VSS365 Week 2

Day 8 Jan 8th
Hanjae stood by the window, hidden slightly behind the thick red folds of the curtain despite the fact that no-one below would be able to see in. The quiet in his study was all consuming but opening it would only bring shouts of #usurper and he didn’t want to hear them.

Day 9 Jan 9th 
The wooden door flexed beneath the pounding of her fist. 
“Yeah yeah I’m comin’.” Replied a voice from within. 
As the door opened she regarded the balding, middle aged man standing before her. 
“Ain’t nobody called me that in nearly twenty years. Go away.”

Day 10 Jan 10th
Howl tried to stay still as the dragon snuffled at her. #inquisitive, intelligent eyes blinked slowly and as a tongue slowly appeared, she knew this was it. This was how she died.

Day 11 Jan 11th
The magic raged within, #lively and eager to find a way out. A release. The build up of power threatened to destroy his body & it was all his covenmates could do to stop that, putting down layers of runework and endlessly chanting. They needed him to live through this.

Day 12 Jan 12th 
After a century of hiding, not feeding, & petrification, the coven had become  a #languor of vampires. They could scarcely move. No breath passed their marble-esque lips and their eyes had long since forgotten how to blink. They needed blood to awaken, and lots of it. 

Day 13 Jan 13th 
Her eyes clouded over. #Opaline and unseeing as she watched the vision unfold. Sometimes it was a clear picture. Other times a collection of images. This time it was a sound. The barest of whispers on a breeze fighting to be heard above the beating of drums.

Day 14 Jan 14th 
Her soul was a chaotically #fibrous map, splitting off in every direction. Each one led to a person she had loved, or would come to love. A kaleidoscope of colours permanently followed her around. It was beautiful but how would she ever find her red string of fate? 

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