VSS365 Week 3

Day 15 Jan 15th 
With a final #flourish they finished binding the power to his vessel. His whole body lit up like a star, the light pulsing until it eventually faded to settle in his irises, turning them from a subtle grey to a shocking lilac. Sighing, he let unconsciousness envelop him. 

Day 16 Jan 16th 
His #yearning echoed through time like a lonely whale’s call. Unheard for many years, it grew morose, depressed, anguished. If no-one could hear him did this mean he had no pairbond? Was he alone in this universe? 

“I hear you.” A voice replied quietly. “I see you.” 

Day 17 Jan 17th 
#Riparian monsters pulled at her clothes as she ran past them, racing up the bank. What had once seemed a gentle slop was now a mountain to her miniaturised form and as a dragonfly the size of a helicopter passed over head, she took cover beneath a fallen leaf. 

Day 18 Jan 18th 
Everything was getting #muddled. They’d drugged her, and as a result the lines between the realities she straddled were blurring and becoming indistinct. Shaking her head, she tried to fight the fuzziness in her mind. If she got lost, she might never find her way home. 

Day 19 Jan 19th 
Anthony’s feelings for Thomas were something that he couldn’t #articulate for a long time. So used to being alone, it was strange to find himself craving another’s company like this. He just knew that when Thomas came to visit, his whole world lit up. 

Day 20 Jan 20 
#Jasmine grows over the place where he lies. A constant reminder of what I did. What I had to do. When it flowers, it’s scent pervades every inch of my house threatening to bring me to my knees. To spite me, red flowers bloom at random no matter how much I pick them off. 

Day 21 Jan 21 
Laila adjusted her headscarf, adding another oil stain to the #obstinate collection that littered every item of clothing she owned. A scream echoed from somewhere else in the ship and Laila flinched, hitting her head on a pipe with a dull ‘dunk’.

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