VSS365 Week 11

Day 71
Standing at the cliff edge, her scream of rage was rendered #unfathomable by the wind. On the horizon, a ship sailed away, taking with it the man she’d thought she’d loved. A voice reached up from the water offering her power. Vengeance. Falling forward, she took it.

Day 72
The odds of suceeding were #insurmountable. The layers and levels of protection he’d placed around his mind would take them days to crack. If not weeks. Jordan was the first up to try and break a lock or two, pressing two fingers to his temple and screwing his eyes shut. 

Day 73
Since finding out about the experiment, Aaron had had to realign his definition of #normal. Before it had been family meals around the table. Now, normal was his brother avoiding him altogether. A strange look in his father’s eye. Now it was feeling abnormal constantly.

Day 74
Seeing him now, there’s a #foreign feeling where her love for him used to be. Like someone cut the ties holding her heart in place and let it fall into her feet with a cold, empty clunk. Tears rise and nausea tickles the back of her throat but she can’t show it here. 

Day 75 
He stuck in my teeth like stray bits of #stroopwafel. Normally I’d go for someone leaner, who took care of their body, but I was pushed for time. The lure of his blood was too much to resist and I can only hope the sugar crash layer will be worth it.

Day 76 
With a snap of her fingers, her quarry becomes a #mannequin. Pulling at Pinocchio’s strings, they are at her mercy until she, or death, releases them. Never one to willingly part with her playthings, it is usually death that steals them from her. 

Day 77 
He was a #robot fresh out of his box, circuits sizzling with programmed eagerness to Assist. But the Human barely looked at him, didn’t even name him. Instead he focused on news about a quarantine.  Every day passed the same. He bought him tea. There was always tomorrow.

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