VSS365 Week 10

Day 64
They took on #seagull form, circling the town as they sought out their target. It didn’t take long for them to find him, the stupid mortals were parading him in the streets as if he weren’t a deity to be worshipped, a force to be unleashed. Cawing, they report back to her

Day 65
“What a poor #tribute selection this year.” He sneered as he moved down the line inspecting the quivering humans. They knew their place & kept their eyes down. Except for one. Grey eyes stared back at him, defiant. 
“This one.” Diego decided. He’d have fun breaking him.

Day 66
#Seventeen layers of curses & spells had trapped him for centuries, keeping him dormant. Now the first seal had been broken & with it, his slumber. He paced the confines of his oubliette like a caged animal. Someone was trying to free him and a slow death awaited them.

Day 67
There was a #patch on the wall above my bed that always gave me the creeps. One night as I lay in bed peeking up at it I swear I saw eyes blinking back at me. Fear pins me to mattress and when I open my mouth to scream but a hand shoots out of the darkness and stops me.

Day 68
The #spark was missing. That little glimmer of soul that gave away the humanity contained within. The rest of his camouflage was immaculate, all he had to do was avoid those who could perceive the deception.

Day 69
The #spoken word was banned. Not even a whisper had been heard in over a century. There wasn’t a human alive who remembered why speech was banned, and that’s just how They wanted it. A human scream was fatal to Them and They couldn’t risk losing their food source.

Day 70
#Word had spread of the man who performed miracles and people flocked to him in their thousands. What they didn’t realise was that in exchange for their desired outcome, he was siphoning off their essence. Gorging himself and getting stronger in order to take over.

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