VSS365 Week 13

Day 85
He wanted to get warm & #cosy. Rifling through his boyfriends wardrobe, he stole the fluffiest hoodie he owned and pulled it on. Next he climbed into the bed and bundled himself. The heating was out and without starting a fire in the bedroom this was the next best thing.

Day 86
The sound of breaking skin is as #delicious as the burgundy nectar found within. It’s a dangerous combination. A drug he’ll never get used to. Why people choose to drink out of those awful bags, he’ll never know. The real thing is always better. Always more intoxicating.

Day 87
He shrank into a ball as the wolf snuffled, breath #outblowing and ruffling his hair.
“On your feet, human.” A voice growled and he just about shit himself.
Did this… did this wolf just speak to him? Damien figured he’d either lost his mind or he was already dead.

Day 88
The #toad was peering into the water when she came across him, as if contemplating the temperature. With a laugh, she sank down beside him.
“Need a push?”
“Actually, I need a witch to turn me back.” The toad grumbled. “‘Sa matter, frog in your throat?”

Day 89
“Could you be any more of a pain in the #butt?” She scowled at her younger brother. “Don’t make me ask the goblin king to wake you away.”
“That’s just a stupid film.” He scoffed.
“You sure about that?” She challenged, watching uncertainty rise. “Try me.”

Day 90
He stood at the #Finisterre, toes curved over the edge. It stretched out into nothingness. A void that called out to him. Stirring the magic within, he pulled his transformation forth and, with scaled wings, he soared into the unknown.

Day 91
She’d learned by now to coil layers around her heart. Protection. Not just to protect her from pain, but the opposite too. Like a #zarf around a hot drink, it kept everyone from getting burned. The darkness swarmed within her, angry that she’d trapped it. For now.

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