VSS365 Week 22

Day 148
#Verve lay in the field, eyes fixed on the stars. Around him, crickets chirped & the grass whispered. He’d never felt more at peace. A shooting star appeared & he made a wish, sitting up when he realised the star was getting bigger. As if it was coming right towards earth

Day 149
They sat side by side on a hay bale in the barn, their knees touching as he reached for her cheek. 
“Can I kiss you?” He whispered, waiting for her to nod before leaning in and gently claiming her lips. Doing work experience on this #farm had been the best idea ever. 

Day 150
He was the #longueur of her summer. A firework that had been nothing more than a damp squib. When school resumed, she listened to her friends tales of excited, fleeting romance with a foreboding sense of jealousy. When it was her turn to share, she prepared a sordid lie.

Day 151
Marie looked beautiful in the #gloaming, the oranges and reds highlighting her features and adding to the ever-present fire behind her intelligent eyes.
“You’re missing the sunset.”
Yash blushed, realising she’d been caught staring. “Maybe, but I like the view from here.”

Day 152
Howl only ever got to visit the #littoral villages, and had never been further in land than the shore. When her Da gave her a pack and told her to come with him, it was like all her birthdays had come at once. She was excited to see what lay beyond the sand’s reach. 

Day 153
#Hydrangea stood in front of the bouncer, arms crossed as he inspected her ID.
“This is fake, you aint comin’ in.”
“It’s not fake!”
“Right, you think i’m gonna fall for this? Hydrangea Way. 32 Hyacinth Road? I weren’t born yesterday, luv. Pull the other one.”

Day 154
Maybe it was the soju-induced #potvalor but he was struck with the need to confess his feelings to Areum.
“Sorry Hyung, I have to go!” He rose from the sofa and rushed to put on his shoes.
“Alright, but you owe me chicken for ditching me!” Dae called after him.

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