Rebellion Lit Interview

I was recently interviewed by Rebellion Lit! I had a great time answering their questions, and they really made me think for some of them! This was my first interview so I hope you enjoy reading it.

Who are Rebellion Lit?

Rebellion LIT is a literary affirmation that creativity is best served for the world’s enjoyment when owned by the creator on all levels, with no strings attached.

Our purpose is that of two goals: to showcase literary works produced with no regards to non-creative barriers; and to collaborate with other free-spirited writers who wish to buck the status quo in one form or another. For readers craving untamed literature, Rebellion LIT provides rawness whether it be fiction, biographies or think pieces.

Welcome to the sanctuary for the formerly voiceless.

How do you Rebel?

Here is a small teaser from the interview:

RL: When did you start writing as a career?

LS: This is a tough question because part of me feels like until I’m writing full time, then I’m not doing it as a career! I’ve always written but I guess I started to take the idea of wanting to get something published more seriously around 2017? Mostly because I decided I wanted to get Soul Echo out before I turned 30 (in 2018). 

To read the rest of the interview please head here:

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