VSS365 Week 24

Day 162
Putting the boxes down on the desk in his half of the room, he turned to greet his new roommate and froze
“What are you doing here?” Ryan asked, a summer memory of a steamy night & the #sapid taste of Aarush’s blood fresh in his mind. “This isn’t a human dorm.”

Day 163
Before Aarush could respond, Ryan swept past & rushed to the office to complain.
“Your application states a preference for mixed dorms.” The woman was explaining by the time Aarush caught up.
“The form is wrong!”
“Room assignments cannot be changed after tenancy #inure.”

Day 164
“Why’d you sign up for mixed dorm?” Ryan asked outside.
Aarush shrugged, “it’s not like I have a problem with vampires.”
“Are you saying I have one with humans?”
“You tried to swap dorms.”
Ryan scowled at him, despite his #ambrosia scent making him want to bite him again. 

Day 165
His hands shook and his stomach roiled with white hot rage as he searched for her. There was no #penetralia on this planet he wouldn’t be able to find her in. They were connected, her thoughts and emotions constantly feeding to him, letting him know she was still alive.

Day 166
Their eyes met across #carrel but as Jack’s lips curled up into a smile, the other guy’s eyes sharpened into a scowl and Jack quickly looked away, blushing. His heart raced and he waited for it to calm before peeking over the top of the divide again but the guy was gone.

Day 167
The robe was practically see-through, shrouding her soft skin like mist. Turning away, she peered over her shoulder with sultry hazel eyes & released the #zephyr to the floor where it pooled around her ankles revealing everything. He followed, unaware she was an illusion.

Day 168
She peered up at the human, her green hair blending with the #benthos and hiding her perfectly from view. Being this close was frowned upon, but over the years she’d learned humans were kind of dumb and as long as she kept her tail still, their eyes passed right over her.


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