VSS365 Week 25

Day 169
The first time Amira felt the pull, she hadn’t expected it to be for a girl, a girl who’d already found her soulmate. Then she met Jake & from the moment the three touched, she knew they were meant to #constellate. She just had to figure out whether they’d felt it too.

Day 170
She watched the water #ingurgitate her husband’s car. A Porsche he’d loved more than he’d ever loved her. The bright red of the paint faded like a healing scar as it sank to the very bottom of the lake. Eventually the rising bubbles stopped, the surface calm once more.

Day 171
She smiled into the camera, reading the comments from her favourite subscribers and even replying to a few. Despite their abundance not even the nicest were enough of a #periapt against the horrible ones. They always managed to catch her eye in the fast moving comments.

Day 172
The earth screamed as it was ripped apart between claws, rending in two with a groan as the creature escaped it’s #submontane prison. Their ancestors had trapped it, but now with the new mountain tunnel they’d broken the seal & released the nightmare back into the world. 

Day 173
Her #velleity only grew as she stared at the blank pages of her open sketchbook, twirling her mechanical pencil between her fingers. With all this time off, she felt like she should have accomplished so much more than she had. 

Day 174
“Look here, #tellurian.” Jace jabbed a finger at Max’s chest accusingly. “You’re not on your planet anymore so we’re gonna do this my way or I’m just going to leave you out here to get eaten.”
Max scowled but nodded. “Don’t worry I’ll be gone soon enough.”
“I can’t wait!”

Day 175
Marin gasped at her reflection. Her left was still green, but the right was now #rubiginous. Like sunshine though honey.
“Heterochromia runs in our family.” Her mother said, revealing her own witches mark. “Now that you’re 18 I can’t keep you glamoured, you must learn”


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