VSS365 Week 28

Day 190
Mama always said I had thick skin like a #pachyderm. Her little hippopotamus, she called me, said my toothy, molar grin reminded her of one. After she died, the little knitted hippo she made for my 10th birthday was all I had left of her.

Day 191
Kendra had been abandoned to survive as an #orphan, running the streets and back alleys as quick as a cat as she clamoured to survive. Slowly, she’d clawed her way from the bottom of the slag heap to the top, taking power and territory as she ascended.

Day 192
Talia sighed, rolling her eyes & pouting as she realised her next delivery was going to be in the Earth Sector. #xenophobe capital of the galaxy. Every time she had to do a drop, there was some comment about the colour of her skin or the length of her ears & she hated it.

Day 193
He exuded #charisma, jaw sharp & eyes sharper as he performed, the screams of the crowd sustaining him til the concert was over & he could retreat to his hotel room. There, the mask shattered into pieces that orbited him, scratching & nagging
“You’ll never be good enough”

Day 194
She was waist deep in the #ocean when she saw him. His eyes were the colour of the water flowing around them, a stark contrast to his tanned skin and dark tattoos. He grinned, flashing rows of razor sharp teeth, before vanishing as a wave crashed between them.

Day 195
From the shadows, Lawrence watched their #sycophant king perform for the crowd. No more than a lackey clutching his crown and scepter as though he could force his will to manifest by pure stubborn will alone, he ran through his planned script flawlessly. 

Day 196
The golden chest sat on a plinth, just like the #Chronicle had said. Without a second thought, he raced across the cavern to grab it. Clutching it to his chest, he took off with the sound of claws and ragged breathing following close behind. 


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