VSS365 Week 27

Day 183
Dying her wings was painful, but it was the only way for her to continue seeing Daniel. An #angel who had no idea she was a demon & she’d do anything to keep it that way. He’d leave her if he found out, or worse, smite her. So she maintained her ruse, ignoring the burning

Day 184
“We summon thee..”
“Don’t say his name!” The walls shook, and not just from the door flying open.
A guttural roar rumbled up through the ground, which split into a gaping abyss. The three humans backed up against the wall, terrified as a hand appeared. 

Day 185
Eric’s fingers sped across the console as he ordered the #patriot to take aim at the rocket as it sped toward the atmosphere. On board were two hundred of the richest and most powerful, bastards who’d bought their way on board to escape a dying planet. 
“Target locked.” 

Day 186
“Are you saying we’re lost in the woods?”
“I’m not not saying that… I just dunno which way to go.”
“Great, I’m lost with a complete #moron.”
“Alright fine, smart arse, you find us a way out of here.” He scowled, leaning against a tree.
“Fine.” She told him. “I will.”

Day 187
“You’re such a #skeptic.” She hissed, enjoying reading him far too much.
“These things are rigged, it’s all fake.” His rebuttal came out shaky and she laughed again.
“Or is that you’re scared of finding out your future in case it’s bad?” She linked their arms, pulling him

Day 188
“Look here you little #heretic, let’s get one thing straight. We’re doing this my way or the highway. You got it?”
“Honey, for the millionth time can you stop calling the cat a heretic?”
“Would you prefer hellspawn?”
“…as you were.” 

Day 189
June raised her phone & snapped a picture of her messy desk.
From the bed, Serena peered over her text book and raised an eyebrow. “If you’re think of starting a studygram, I don’t think you’ve got the right #aesthetic.”
“You’re right.” June hummed. “Needs a coffee cup.”


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