VSS365 Week 29

Day 197 
Silent tears streamed down her face as she watched them tear apart her altar. They claimed she was worshipping the devil with her #anathema.
“Take her away.” the priest ordered as they pulled everything into a pile and set fire to it, her protests falling on deaf ears.

Day 198
The first cyber #pandemic in history happened overnight as a hacked update downloaded into the hand of every person on the planet. Without their implants, they had no access to anything from banking to opening doors. They were locked out, locked in & completely trapped. 

Day 199
Their first reaction was to #ostracize rather than to try and understand. Rejecting something different kept them safe in their bubbles, which kept them calm and controlled. Just the way government liked them. The narcotics they poured into the water certainly helped too.

Day 200
#Empathy had never been her strong point, even when she was faced with regretful tears & a prostrate man at her feet.
As he pleaded his case, she didn’t have to fake a yawn, raising a perfectly manicured hand in front of her painted lips.
“Plea Denied. Take him away now.”

Day 201
As he neared the giant forcefield that split the city in two, unaffectionately known as the #schism, he reached into his pocket for his knife. Not that he wanted to use it, but the Sentinels that guarded the schism liked to pick fights, and he was sick of them winning.

Day 202
Whenever something happened to her, she’d write a #poem in her book. Over time, she stored her feelings in there too, nestled between stanzas on tear stained pages. 

Day 203
“What’s that game you’re playing?”
“You won’t have heard of it, you’re a #dinosaur.”
“Excuse you! I’m only thirty-seven!”
“Absolutely pre-historic.”
“Look, you jumped up toddler-“
“I’m twenty.”
“A baby.”
“Compared to you maybe.”


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