VSS365 Week 30

Day 204
Laying on his back, he stared up at the stars, long grass tickling his ears. He shouldn’t even have ears. Or a body for that matter, but he’d been pulled from his place in the #galaxy and forced into a mortal vessel. 

Day 205
She flitted between the flowers, wings causing the petals to sway in the slight breeze as she grew close enough to gather #nectar into her container. The entire flower trembled as a rumble shook the earth. There was only one thing capable of such a careless noise; humans!

Day 206
“Have you ever even performed an #exorcism?” He asked, voice full of disbelief.
“No, but I’ve seen ever season of Supernatural.”
“I hardly think-“
“Well have /you/ ever done one?” She shot back.
“N-no of course not!”
“Well shut up then, I’m clearly the most qualified to.”

Day 207
It’d taken June a long time to come to terms with her Venustraphobia and she’d made it a point to avoid women. Even going as far as only dating men. Now, the most beautiful woman she had ever seen was trapped inside her crashed car & June knew she had to help her get out. (#phobia)

Day 208
Waves of #nostalgic sentimentalism washed through her as she exited the trainstation. It was the first time she’d come back since her parents had died, but on the tenth anniversary of their passing, she’d made the journey back. Nothing had changed other than her heart. 

Day 209
Concentrating, he forced his magic to the surface, #iridescence making his skin gleam with the rising tide of power. It was the first time since his enslavement that he’d felt to the cosmos again. Were it not for the runework, he’d break apart the vessel and flee.

Day 210
She watched as the #hero fell, body covered in burns while her palms still crackled with the electricity she’d used to attack him. It had worked?Only in her wildest dreams had she ever expected for this to happen and, now that it had, she had no idea what to do next.


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