VSS365 Week 31

Day 211
“Here, sign this #paper.” 
Liam pulled it closer with his fingertips as if afraid it might bite him. “If I sign this, our contract is done?”
“I’ll be free?”
“You can leave, if you wish. But your debt to me is complete.”
“Can I stay with you?”
“I’d hoped you would.”

Day 212
Her love for him was #agapε, though her parents would call it unhealthy. They just didn’t understand that technology had advanced far enough that /she/ didn’t have to wait till after 7 to get free texts for the evening. She wasn’t from the stone age like them. 

Day 213
Sonia scooted back her chair and pushed herself to her feet, intending to take a turn about the room to get  blood flowing after having sat marking tests for hours. Outside, the hot new #math teacher was using his break to do laps of the tennis court like a madman

Day 214
Daryl, his name was. She’d heard the others talking about ways to get his #number. If only they realised they already had it in the teachers whatsapp group. Idiots.
“Miss, are you busy can I ask summat?”
Sonia stepped away from the window like she’d been shot, blushing.

Day 215 
She always got a sick kind of satisfaction in her gut when the scaler managed to dislodge a particularly stubborn bit of #calculus. This piece came off in a large chunk, rattling up the high speed aspirator as it was sucked away and she moved onto the next tooth.

Day 216
Sam & Gar looked at each other as the ship lurched & rocked with a dull thunk. What the heck could’ve hit them in deep space & why hadn’t the alarm gone off? Rushing to the bridge, they checked the cameras. The nose of a ship called #Epsilon was pressed against their hull

Day 217
She watched as the #theorem on the console started to warp, shimmering at the edges. Phosphenes danced across her aching eyes as she rubbed them, wondering where she’d left her glasses this time.
“Computer, locate my glasses.”
//glasses located on deck 4, major//


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